June 20, 2019
5 months left
until our celebration.
Let the Good Times Roll!
Let the Good Times Roll!
Welcome Johnson Family!!

Get Ready for New Orleans in 2019
A Foodie's Paradise
June 20-22, 2019
​Celebrating 30 years of Johnson Family Reunions
1989 - 2019

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This website has been created to provide the Johnson family with a way to share information about the 2019 Johnson Family Reunion. Apart from the reunion, this website allows our family to share memories of our families as well as past reunions. We certainly remember the fun we had in Las Vegas at the 2015 family reunion and in Orlando at the 2017 family reunion. We invite you to create your “Family Profiles”, post pictures in the family photo albums and share memories. 

The 2019 reunion itinerary has been released. Please see the Reunion Itinerary tab for full details. Our 2019 reunion will feature 4 scheduled events and 3 buffet meals. This is a bargain for all the activities we’re getting. Last reunion, we only had 3 scheduled events and 3 meals.  Below are some highlights of the itinerary.

Private Bus Tour of New Orleans
The committee elected to provide a relaxed tour of New Orleans as an early reunion activity to provide you with an overview of the city. This way you can mark those places of particular interest that you would like to come back to during your free time and get a more detailed look. Some visitors never get past Bourbon Street. There is so much more of New Orleans to see.

Cheers to 30 Years of Johnson Family Reunions
This is our overall reunion theme. At Dave and Buster’s, we’ve planned a wonderful celebration to get the reunion off to a grand start. We’re so happy to see the reunion continuing after 30 years. If you were in Albuquerque in 1989 or any other Johnson reunion, join us at this party and share in the memories. Come ready to celebrate.

The Ultimate Quest
We’re looking for our youth, ages 5-17, to accept this challenge. You and your teammates will race against the clock in this highly competitive game. Teamwork, good communication and problem solving is essential to win the game. This game is run by Dave and Buster’s and they will provide a prize to the first place team. Additional prizes will be awarded to the second place team. Which team will be the grand champs?

Masquerade Party
Ladies, dress up in your favorite “little black dress”. Men, wear your dress suit or vest & pants. Wear your Mardi Gras masks and join in the fun at our masquerade party during the banquet. Prizes will be awarded for best mask among other things. Keep your eyes open for some shifty special guests.


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